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Version 1.5.2 (released 5/14/06) has the following updates and modifications:

  • Corrected a problem with the status filter at the top of the members and visitors pages. Making a new selection in this filter was causing the program to generate and error and exit to Windows.
  • Corrected a problem with the bar codes on the Photo Directory report

Version 1.5.1 (released 3/12/06) has the following updates and modifications:

  • Modified the installer from version 1.5.0 to include a file that was left out

Version 1.5.0 (released 3/4/06) has the following updates and modifications:

  • Modified the program so that you can now truly delete a member/visitor without losing historical attendance data.
  • Added Instant Messenger (IM) name to the member/visitor profiles pages.
  • Increased the number of characters that can be entered in the state field to 3 for countries such as Australia.
  • Added Mobile Phone to the printed Visitor Cards
  • Added a new option (Tools >> Options) to customize mailing address labels for USA, Canada, or Australia. This option causes the labels City/State/Zip to be shown as City/Province/Postal or City/State/Postal. The labels change on the Visitor Cards and on the Members/Visitors pages.
  • Modified the program to allow multiple meetings/services to be recorded for the same date.
  • Added a "Meeting Type" field to the service info page, allowing users to classify meetings into different categories. You can also print reports by Meeting Type.
  • Added option to print barcodes on the Photo Directory.
  • Added the ability to filter reports by gender.

Version 1.4.2 (released 3/1/05) has the following bug fixes and modifications:

  • This update has a single modification to fix a bug in the member & visitors photos and the Photo Directory report. This bug caused photos to show on the directory report for members where no photo was assigned. This was a quick follow-on update that should have been included in version 1.4.1, but was left out.

Version 1.4.1 (released 2/14/05) has the following bug fixes and modifications:

  • Eliminated a bug in the Group Stats report that would prevent it from running if a member with a negative age was found in the member/visitor list. This would occur, for example, if you ran the report today and one of your active members had a birthdate of 12/31/2021 listed on their profile.
  • Modified the Offering Summary report to include many more entries in the detail section. This was necessary in order to fit dollar amounts for all weeks in cases where users track more than one meeting per week.
  • Fixed a bug in the Members and Visitors directories that could cause the the program to display an error and close when navigating from record to record under certain conditions.
  • Modified the install package in an attempt to eliminate problems some users had when installing on Windows 2003 computers.

Version 1.4 (released 7/6/04) has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Added Group Stats report showing breakdowns by gender, status, school, etc.
  • Fixed a problem with the Clone button where an error would occur if you tried cloning a record where certain fields were blank.
  • Added basic barcode support. This includes the ability to scan in people on the attendance screen. Barcodes can be output from Envision using the new option on the roll sheet, or as part of the Export Directory feature in the File menu. This last option allows you to export each person's barcode ID and use it in other applications of your own to print barcodes on other media.
  • Included the ability to print a 1-page profile of any member or visitor from their record on the directory screens.
  • Added the ability to print out who was at a particular service or activity. See the new button on the Service Info screen.
  • Added report filters for school and grade level.
  • Added the ability to sort by zip code for mailing labels. When selecting mailing labels, see the new sort option at the very bottom of the filters panel.
  • Fixed the Export Directory feature to correct a problem with Outlook compatibility. The feature now gives you the option to choose whether you are intending to use the exported data with Outlook or not. If so, the fields included in the export are limited to those compatible with Outlook. Otherwise, the full set of fields are included.
  • Added data validation to certain fields to prevent incompatible data from being entered: grade must be a number, e-mail address must contain "@" and ".", etc.
  • Modified the mailing labels to use more of a standard postal service format: all caps, no punctuation, standardized abbreviations, etc.
  • Updated and re-arranged the Start page to make better use of available space. Added brackets around each section.
  • Re-arranged controls on some screens to make better use of space
  • Changed buttons on the Service Info screen to use the word meeting instead of service.
  • Added a note to the Backup Data confirmation dialog reminding users they can always move the backup file to another disk or CD for safe keeping.
  • An updated startup box was included. This is the box that appears while Envision is loading.
  • Added the User Number to the very front of the registration reminder box to make it easier for users to find. This number is necessary when registering Envision.
  • Changed the wording on the "About Your Group" tab of the Options dialog to read "Group name" instead of "Youth Group Name".

Version 1.3.2 (released 9/3/03) has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Added columns to the Export Directory feature under the File menu. New columns include contact, parent names, and team.
  • Updated report footers with new company information.
  • Added a new Clone button to the Members/Visitors forms to allow duplicating a record. The Clone button copies the address and contact information of the currently selected member to a new blank record. This will help when entering records for siblings of existing members.
  • Changed the wording at the top of the Service Info form to say "Services/Meetings" instead of "Youth Services".
  • Increased the margins on the Attendance Summary report to correct the spillover onto a second page reported by some users.
  • Fixed a bug with the report filters that that occurred when a team name included an apostrophe. Team names can now include the apostrophe without causing trouble.
  • Corrected a bug with the Bulk E-mail option on the reports form. Previously, this was not working when you had no default e-mail client specified. When you had a long list of e-mail addresses, it was being chopped off so you didn't see the entire list. Now, if Envision does not detect a default e-mail program, it provides you with a pop-up dialog where you can copy and paste the list into your e-mail.
  • Corrected the navigation buttons on the Members/Visitors forms that would display an error when attempting to scroll beyond the first or last record.

Version 1.3.1 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Modified the installation wizard to correct problems some users were having with certain Windows versions.

Version 1.3 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Added ability to store photos with each member's profile.
  • Added the Photo Directory report. This report shows member photos with basic name and contact information.
  • Added the School report. This report shows members broken down by school and then by grade. The layout of this report is similar to the Birthday report which was available in earlier versions.
  • Included the ability to send bulk e-mail from the reports form. Users can specify filter criteria to narrow down which members to add to the recipient list.
  • On the Start screen, users can now double click on entries in the visitor and MIA lists to jump directly to the person's record in the directory.

Version 1.2.1 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Fixed a bug in the Visitors and Members forms that caused a 'subscript out of range' error. This error was possible when users had weekly service information stored for more than one day per week.

Version 1.2 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Began using InstallShield as the method of installation. There are no new features or bug fixes included in this release.

Version 1.1.9 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Modifications made to eliminate an error when installing on a machine where some system files are out of date. When a user clicked OK to upgrade the files, there was a second error about not being able to access a temp file.

Version 1.1.8 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • First version to include team assignments:  The team field is now available on the members/visitors directory.  This will allow you to assign a team or small group name to each person in your group.
  • People  who are inactive become active automatically if they attend one service.  The auto-update occurs the next time you load the program.
  • A new report called Team Rosters was added with the team concept.  This report is designed for taking team attendance at services. Includes check boxes for things like bringing your Bible, bringing a visitor, etc.

Version 1.1.7 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Birthday Report:
    • Corrected a bug that caused certain month headers to display the wrong month name.

Version 1.1.6 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Members & Visitors Directory:
    • Fixed a behavior of the tabs on the form.  Now when you are adding a new person and you move off of the last field on a tab, the program automatically takes you to the next tab.  This feature was added to version 1.1.5, but a bug that made the feature inconsistent has been fixed.  The behavior is now limited to when you are entering new records.

Version 1.1.5 has the following upgrades and additions:

  • Start page:
    • Reminder message is now available for entire session
    • Fixed bug in the birthday list which caused some birthdays to show on wrong date
    • Stats Summary on the Start page now shows the "Unassigned" category only if it detects a visitor or member with unassigned status
  • Reports and Filters:
    • Added the Attendance Summary Report
    • Added the Offering Summary Report
    • Changed filter on Visitors report from Last Attended to First Attended. This allows you to print a first-time visitors report easily.  If you leave this blank, the report prints for all visitors.
    • Offering & Attendance report filter now defaults to current year
    • Fixed bug that caused duplicate records to show at the top of subsequent pages
  • Members & Visitors Directory:
    • Fixed bug with Attendance list on the tracking tab.  The listbox was previously one week off in the dates it listed.
    • The program now goes to the next tab automatically when you tab out of the last field on the current tab
    • Form no longer reset to first tab when navigating with drop-down list
    • When tabbing into the state and the grade fields, the value is highlighted for easy type-over replacement
  • Service Manager:
    • Added "Sort by first name" option to service screen name drop-down list
    • Changed warning when editing old service data. Now warns only if older than 6 days, and only once per record.
  • General:
    • Added the Data Backup feature under File Menu
    • Added user option to auto-backup on a weekly basis
    • Added user option to hide birthdays of inactive members on the Start page
    • Added user option to change the definition of "visitors needeing attention" on the Start page. Users can now turn off the requirement for a letter, phone call, or home visit as required for new visitors.